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Step into the captivating world of Orientalias, where auctions come to life. Explore unique items, join thrilling auctions, and find treasures that make your shopping adventure extraordinary. Experience the joy of bidding and discovering special finds with Orientalias.

Upcoming Exhibitions

Golden Age of Renaissance Exhibition

November 1, 2023-November 19, 2023
Works of a German neoclassical painter Johan Zoffany who lived and created his masterpieces in Europe and India. The artist is appreciated for his detailed depiction of domestic life in the Georgian period.

Records & Rebels 1966-1970

December 10, 2023-January 6, 2024
This major exhibition shows the revolutionary art of the late 1960s, expressed through some of the greatest music hits of the 20th century as well as paintings, film industry, fashion and design.

Bernard van Orley At Saint-Géry

January 16, 2023-February 14, 2024
Especially for the occasion, Ozeum is setting up the tapestries and paintings by Bernard van Orley from the series of Jacob's History and the first tapestry from the series Our Blessed Lady of the Sablon.

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Our collection currently contains more than 100,000 works of art and design dating from ancient times to today.


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